TTO Temp Monitor Mount

TTO Temp Monitor Mount for 1994 Polaris 300 4×4

TTO Temp Monitor Mount_AtvMountWmonitor_Pic

Above is the final mounting position of the TTO head temperature monitor display. Due to the already implemented Mini Digital Voltmeter display I didn’t have a good place to mount the new display for temperature monitoring. I had a piece of black Delrin laying around that was perfect for making a mount. You could use about anything but I had the Delrin and its properties are excellent for this purpose. I started with a 3/4″ thick by 1-1/2″ wide piece and cut a 2″ length off of it. I cut it with a table saw to the dimensions below and then drilled the holes with the drill press. The 2 holes used to mount the adapter to the black plastic cover panel of the ATV are counter sunk to enable the TTO monitor to sit flat on the surface of the adapter. The sensor cable length with this monitor isn’t very long but by running the cable down the right side of the gas tank it was able to reach the spark plug with no problem.This is a “Black 14mm TTO Trail Tech Temperature Gauge“. This is for a 14mm spark plug, be sure to order the correct size so the sensor can fit the spark plug.

It looks like the the Mini DVM is partially blocked from view but it isn’t when you’re sitting in the seat. I took this picture from the side, I’m not even close to being a photographer and I don’t have a good camera. These are the best pictures I ended up with.

TTO Temp Monitor Mount_FrontFaceTTO Temp Monitor Mount_FrontFace_PicThis is a view of the face of the adapter. It has 2 counter sunk holes for mounting the adapter to the ATV and 2 tapped holes for mounting the display to the adapter. I angled the 2 bottom edges to align with the angle of the 2 corners of the display. I also rounded the 2 middle corners to match that of the mounting tabs of the display.

TTO Temp Monitor Mount_BackView

TTO Temp Monitor Mount_BackView_PicThis is a view of the back of the adapter. The important thing here is to note the groove cut on the one side. This groove allows the raised lip of the headlight trim cowling to keep from interfering with the adapter and allows the adapter to sit flat on the black plastic cover panel containing the status indicator display.

TTO Temp Monitor Mount_SideView

TTO Temp Monitor Mount_SideView_Pic1This is a side view of the adapter. I used a table saw to cut this angle. The angled portion allows the adapter to sit flat on the top of the black plastic cover panel containing the status indicator display and also gives it some additional support.

TTO Temp Monitor Mount_AtvMountWOmonitor_PicThis is the adapter mounted to the black plastic cover panel containing the status indicator display. I used Stainless 6-32 x 1/2″ machine screws for the mounting. I drilled and tapped two holes in the black plastic cover panel containing the status indicator display. The panel seemed thick enough to enable this method of mounting. It isn’t really supporting much weight but feels very secure. I used 6-32 x 3/4″ stainless machines screws for mounting the TTO display to the adapter.

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