This is a collection of information that I have come across that is mostly related to my 1994 Polaris 300 4×4. There is also other information that I thought might be useful to others. I’ve also included some of my own modifications as a reference. This is a good place to keep track of any changes if I ever need to replace something that I have added/modified.

I would also like to personally thank Old Polaris Tech over at atvconnection.com for all the help he has given me. If you have a question about a Polaris, this is the man to ask!

I had thought about getting new tires and changing the tire size on my 4×4 but the front tire size is different from the back on my machine. This made me realize that the front tires turned at a different revolution than the back tires. The Tire Sizing page addresses this issue.

I’m also going to try to set up a data base that will contain user designated real-world usage of tire sizes that have been used on their machines. I thought this might be useful to see what others have successfully used.

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